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Early Childhood Intervention Services in Mohali



Early Childhood Intervention Services in Mohali

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You may have heard about the Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECI), especially if you are a parent, but most lack the understanding of its need. So, here in this blog, we’ll give you detailed information about the ECI service.

What is Eci?

ECI services and programs are designed to support all the young ones who have been classified to have developmental delays or disabilities. These services help those who are at risk in the most intensive period of their life. The early intervention services are implemented under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Early childhood intervention services of Astha Autism Center Mohali are available for children from birth to the age of 5. Children who have developmental delays or any health disorder like congenital disabilities, genetic diseases, or hearing loss can avail these services.

How Do ECI Services Support Families of The Child?

Parents know their children best, and family-centred ECI services believe that family can create the most influential impact over their child’s development. Children can learn well in everyday situations with familiar people. And, ECI is all about supporting and encouraging everyday learning. ECI is a great way to build opportunities for child’s development at home, preschool, or in public places like parks, etc.

This is more effective early intervention if parents who have strong relationships spend most of the time with their child to respond by making them participate in fun activities.

In North India (Himachal, Jammu, Punjab, Haryana), if your child is eligible for ECI services, then your family will be provided with an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan). This plan will describe the objectives and types of services which are going to help you and your child.

Sort of ECI Services Available for The Children

Infants can get the services at their home or in the neighbourhood so that it can also help to develop the are:

  • Physical skills like reaching, crawling, walking, drawing and building
  • Cognitive skills like thinking, learning, and solving problems
  • Communication skills like talking, listening and understanding others
  • Self-help or adaptive skills like eating and dressing
  • Social or emotional skills like playing and interacting with others
  • Sensory processing skills like handling textures, tastes, sounds, and smells

For a child who is qualified for the early intervention program can get one more than one from the following services:

  • Screening and assessment
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Psychological services
  • Home visits
  • Medical, nursing or nutrition services
  • Hearing (audiology) or vision services
  • Social work services
  • Transportation

A service coordinator from the early intervention program will help set up and schedule services. Step up for the change today!

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