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There are many children in India with special needs that need help with their disability and finding an employment that can help them in earning a respectable living. There are many rehabilitation centres in each state that work with a mission to help such children or adults and access their ability to qualify for an employment. 

School / Group Intervention

Schools can play a pivotal role in helping such student who has the ability to excel in their lives with little help. Schools can prove to be the first step towards providing such with special needs opportunities for success by motivating them and by demonstrating the correct actions rather than expecting them to pick them up on their own.

Pre- Vocational Rehabilitation

Pre-Vocational rehabilitation services help in accessing the ability of an individual or child with special needs in order to find out which employment is he or she are most suited for. This program provides them training in a variety of skills needed for an employment so they can find a suitable job for them and lead an independent life.

Vocational Rehabilitation

There are many vocational rehabilitation agencies available that help an individual with special needs or with a disability to reach their employment goal. These agencies start with figuring out which services they qualify for and then train them for those services and once they find an employment help them to retain their employment. 

Preparation of 10th /12th through NIOS

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) runs special programs for children with special needs to help them prepare for secondary and Sr. Secondary education. Their Student Support Services Department formulate policies for enrolment, monitoring the study centre, personal contact programmes and to offer support to the student to pass the exams. 


If you are looking for such a rehabilitation centre for your children or for children of your family and friends then you should get in touch with Autism Astha Centre in Mohali. For more information on the services they offer to help children with special needs you can contact us on the given numbers: +91 8054240897, +91 8427198446, +91 7888511952. You can also contact us or book your appointment here.