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Early Autism Intervention Program - A Step Towards A New Start
Mentoring and nurturing an autistic child requires effort, patience and a few hacks to make them absorb the concept of socialising better. Here are a few tips to bond with your child while teaching them social skills.
Tips To Instantly Calm An Autistic Person With Pediatric Therapeutic Services
Have you ever felt lonely and embarrassed to express how it feels? Have you ever felt apart from the crowd because you are all by yourself? Now imagine having the same feeling but with an additional hurdle of not understanding it completely. What if you can’t comprehend how different you are and why you don’t[…]
What is Sensory Integration Therapy in Autism
Sensory Integration Therapy can make a huge difference just by helping individuals to control their cravings and sensitivities. Some occupational therapists use sensory surgery integration therapy in autism to help them pay with other children.
What is Disability in Special Education
Special education is the practice of educating children with special needs in a way that addresses their discrete needs. For children who have learning disabilities and attention issues in special education, here are some of the most relevant conditions.