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Early Autism Intervention Program – A Step Towards A New Start



Early Autism Intervention Program – A Step Towards A New Start

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Raising a kid is no cakewalk, especially when it comes to the child being a little different than other children around him/ her. It is tough to make your child understand how they are not meant to fit into the box yet there are some primary social norms they need to adopt for better sustenance.

Mentoring and nurturing an autistic child requires effort, patience and a few hacks to make them absorb the concept of socialising better. Here are a few tips to bond with your child while teaching them social skills:

Eye am social:

If you aspire your child to step in the social world with their distinct personality, you need to teach the art of eye contact. Playing games and performing activities which include for your child to look you in the eye for an interval of time could be proven beneficial in triggering social traits. Once they practice eye contact, they might feel comfortable in interacting outdoors as they look people in the eye.

A walk down memory lane:

It is imperative for an autistic child to have a lesson on remembering primary things and people around them. To initiate this social skill, you can engage your child in a play where you make memory cards or often play charades for them to guess, memorise and remember significant stuff and people.

Modules and visual aids to the rescue:

Since the child is special, he/ she finds it hard to pick casual human behaviour of interacting and being around other people. they need to watch the usual behaviour to adopt pieces of it to enhance their social skills and step into the real world. Visual aids and modules are one of the best mediums for the child to learn.

Joining An Intervention Program:

One highly effective approach of helping your child, showing signs of early autism, socialise is to make them join an early autism intervention program. These programs help them improve their linguistic skills, IQ, and social interactions. And, give them a significant boost of confidence!

Stroll around:

One of the finest approaches of letting your child socialise is to let them try in the open. Take them for strolls, for park meets, around other kids. They will eventually pick up the pattern after a little motivation and other activities of your mentoring.

Socialising would benefit the child to adjust in the world and wouldn’t require them to lose their individuality and speciality at the same time. It’ll be a gateway to a new world which syncs with them and further escalates their growth. On that note, happy socialising you guys!

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